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A look behind the curtain.

December 13, 2019 12:40 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

I just finished a whopping eight-page CEO report for the ASPECT board of directors. In it, I compare what I have done over the past month to the goals, targets, and initiatives set out in our Strategic Plan. I won't share the entire report with you right now, because that "exciting read" is saved for the board, but I thought you might like to know what we are doing.

Strategic Goals 

Advocate, Represent, Inform, and Build Capacity for our members. Financial Stability for ASPECT.

In This Month's Report

The type of activities and initiatives I have reported on this month are the following:

  1. Government: the who, what, where, why of conversations I have had with ministers, ministry staff, and public servants at the provincial and federal levels. This month, because of the ASPECT Conference and the social services sector forum, I reported on 11 conversations, not including several others I have had with public servants.
  2. Member contact and feedback on the issues, health of their organizations, introductions and connections, etc. We measure how we are doing by monitoring membership numbers, anecdotal feedback, and our annual member survey (coming soon). We are not able to undertake a physical member tour this year but will be announcing virtual regional meetings for January. What we hear in those meetings helps us act on your behalf.
  3. My stakeholder relations reports include boards and organizations on which boards I have a position, have met with, and/or attended their events. They are 3rd Voice, BC Chamber of Commerce, Career Education Society, CERIC, Canadian Council for Career Development, Canadian Coalition of Community-Based Employability Training, BC Prior Learning Action Network, Continuing Education and Training Association of BC, Federation of Community Social Services of BC, Board Voice, BC Career Development Association, BC Labour Market Online, Social Services Labour Market Research Advisory Community, and Social Services Sector Roundtable. There are more organizations, but these are the ones I've had contact with this week.  To see all our advocacy connections, go to the advocacy relationship map on our website.
  4. Our education and professional development opportunities continue to grow. I have reported on the success of the recent ASPECT Conference, the new webinar partnership with First Work in Ontario, our Values Based Leadership series, the development of the next ASPECT Summit, the events management contracts we have for other organizations, the research projects we are developing, and when I'm planning to take my vacation. 

At the centre of absolutely everything I do is acting on behalf of ASPECT members. I welcome you to send me a quick email to let me know your thoughts. The more information that I can provide to your volunteer board of directors, the better ASPECT can meet your needs.  

Janet Morris-Reade

300 - 722 Cormorant Street | Victoria, BC | V8W 1P8

Toll Free: 1-888-287-4957
Telephone: 250-382-9675

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