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Attract, Train, and Retain Your Workforce

What's the Employer-Employment Summit?

Come and join us for the opportunities to learn how to attract, train, and retain your workforce at this first ever Employer-Employment Expert Summit.  

Goals of the Summit:

  • To bring employers and employment experts together to hear innovative and tried and tested ways to meet the workforce needs of British Columbia. 
  • To help employers connect with the pre- and post-employment supports available in their communities. 

Who Should Attend:

Employers and associations representing employers interests.
Employment experts delivering employment services and supports in their communities.
Government ministry staff contracting out employment services and supports, policy developers and analysts.

Benefits of Attending:

For employers: networking with employment experts, having access to new and existing tools to develop their workforce, learning about the latest trends, building supports for attracting, training, and retaining their workforce.

For employment experts: networking with other service providers and employers, employer focus strategies of engagement, business development ideas, learning innovative best practices.

For government and ASPECT stakeholders: networking with employment experts and employers, learning about potential gaps in service, potential to float new ideas for discussion.

300 - 722 Cormorant Street | Victoria, BC | V8W 1P8

Toll Free: 1-888-287-4957
Telephone: 250-382-9675

Email: info@aspect.bc.ca

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