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The 9-person volunteer ASPECT Board of Directors reflects and represents the diversity of our membership. They hold broad and deep expertise, and engage in regular professional and governance development. The Board holds fiduciary responsibility and provides oversight for strategic and business planning for the Association. All board members serve on a volunteer basis. The leadership team’s generous contribution of time, skill, and knowledge reflects their commitment to the sector.

Thank you to the 2023-2024 ASPECT Board of Directors

Lori Forgeron

Workforce Development Consulting Services North
Region: Cariboo

About Lori

Lori Forgeron is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience providing employment and career development services in BC. Lori is the owner and CEO of Workforce Development Consulting, a Northern-based employment agency that works with marginalized people and communities. She has been a long-term organizational member of ASPECT. As Board President, she hopes to continue to support the advocacy work underway and plans to work collaboratively with the CEO and board members to ensure that ASPECT continues to represent the employment service providers community in BC. 

Raj Hundal

Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society (PICS)
Region: Mainland/Southwest

About Raj

Raj Hundal’s commitment to professional excellence extends to his role on the ASPECT board, where he became a director to passionately represents the diversity within their membership. His dedication to continuous growth and development is evident through his regular engagement in professional and governance development initiatives. 

Aaron Clausen

Island Work Transitions
Region: Vancouver Island/Coast

About Aaron

Aaron Clausen was born and raised on Vancouver Island and has worked in the career and employment training industry for 17 years. Aaron was a founding partner of Island Work Transitions in 2011 and has served as the company’s CEO since 2018. His passion for community-based training was founded on the belief in collaboration between community, industry, and government stakeholders to better our communities, and is excited to join the ASPECT board. 

Kim Lauritsen

Community Futures North Okanagan
Region: Thompson Okanagan

About Kim

Kim Lauritsen is the Employment Services Manager with Community Futures North Okanagan. She holds a master’s in counselling and with over 22 years working in the career and employment services sector, she originally joined the Aspect board of directors to have a greater impact on the sector both provincially and nationally. With a particular passion for rural communities, community-based service delivery, and ensuring that the social determinants of health are always at the forefront of service planning and delivery, she is thankful to be on the board another term working with an amazing group of community leaders who understand the importance of experienced career development to meet the needs of our ever-changing labour market.  

Shannon Baikie

North Island Employment Foundations Society (NIEFS)
Region: Vancouver Island/Coast

About Shannon

Shannon Baikie is Executive Director of North Island Employment Foundations Society (NIEFS) and lives in Campbell River with her husband and son. Prior to joining NIEFS in 2009, Shannon spent over 10 years working in the tech start-up space as a VP, Human Resources. She holds an MA in Community Economic Development from the University of Victoria and is a Certified Career Development Practitioner.   

Coreen Jenner

Okanagan Training & Development Council
Regions: Thompson Okanagan, Kootenay

About Coreen

Coreen is a Certified Career Practitioner and First Nations woman of the Okanagan Territory. She has worked as an employment counsellor for the past 30+ years and her focus has always been within the First Nations communities. She works under the Indigenous Skills and Employment services with Okanagan Training and Development Council. She has worked with Friendship Centres and Bands within BC delivering education and employment programs to help First Nations obtain sustainable employment. Coreen joined the ASPECT board to promote career counselling services to First Nations communities and to engage more First Nations at the ASPECT Conference as well as give them opportunities to engage in professional development activities and be able to access ASPECT webinars.    

Kirsty Peterson


About Kirsty

Kirsty Peterson is the director of Career Advancement & Language at DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society. She has been a career development practitioner since 2005 and is passionate about supporting young people, newcomers, and other groups who systemically struggle with labour market attachment to find sustainable work. Kirsty decided to become an ASPECT board member to contribute to a strong and unified sector that supports practitioners to deliver targeted, meaningful, and appropriate services, prioritizing the needs of job seekers.  

Calum Scott

Pacific Community Resources Society (PCRS)
Region: Mainland/Southwest

About Calum

Calum is the Director of Operations - Employment Services at PCRS and brings over 20 years of service in community-based organizations. He has championed the rights of vulnerable populations and has implemented initiatives that empower individuals to develop life skills, achieve their goals, and discover their full potential. Calum is excited to join the ASPECT board because he is passionate about breaking down barriers and advocating for policies that advance opportunities for people to achieve and maintain meaningful employment.  

Devin Scott

Kootenay Career Development Society
Region: Kootenay

About Devin

Devin Scott joined the ASPECT board of directors with a personal commitment to its mission of empowering individuals through employment programs. Living in the Kootenay region, he witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by rural and remote communities. His enthusiasm stems from a desire to forge meaningful connections with contractors in these areas, recognizing their unique needs and strengths. By championing collaboration and inclusivity, Devin aims to facilitate access to resources and support, fostering resilience and opportunity in every corner of our diverse landscape through ASPECT.  

Peter Bailey
Ex Officio Director
Diversity Engagement

Free Rein Associates

About Peter

Peter Bailey is co-owner of Free Rein Associates since 1993. Peter is a career development professional (CDP). In the last few years, Peter has worked on addressing rural service delivery issues and developing programs that address diversity and inclusion. In 2023, Peter was recognized as Champion of Diversity by the Fraser Valley Diversity Awards. To Peter, it is important that ASPECT’s board of directors be diverse because its membership needs to see itself reflected in leadership. That is why he leads the association's first Diversity Engagement Committee. Peter strives to build an inclusive community that better serves ASPECT’s membership and ultimately the clients it serves.  

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