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Looking for a recently released report or article? Look no farther. As a suggestion at one our ASPECT member regional meetings, this webpage is designed to give you quick access to the latest research articles and reports that help you do what you do. If a report is not here that you think should be here, please send it to us. The reports below are in order of release date. Please let us know if one of the links no longer works. Thank you.

 Date Released

 Name of Report

 Publishing Organization

 February 2020 In Conversation With Students: What About Skills?  Labour Market Information Council
 February 2020 Systemic Investigation Update HOLDING PATTERN: Call Wait Times for Income and Disability Assistance  Office of the Ombudsperson
 February 2020 In Conversation with Students: The Job Outlooks They Want  Labour Market Information Council
 February 10, 2020  Social Services Sector Forum November 15, 2019 Report  BC Government
 February 6, 2020  Good Jobs for Today & Tomorrow   BC Government
 February 5, 2020  Summary Report Accessibility Legislation Consultation  BC Government
 February 4, 2020  A Billion Reasons to Care: A Funding Review of Contracted Long-Term Care in BC  Office of the Seniors Advocate
 January 22, 2020  Jobs of Tomorrow: Mapping Opportunity in the New Economy   World Economic Forum
 January 22, 2020  Dream Jobs? Teenagers' Career Aspirations and the Future of Work  OECD & PISA
 January 21, 2020  How to Make Labour Migration Management Future-Ready?  OECD
 December 2019 
 Understanding the Interconnectedness of the Future of Work: A Case Study
 Labour Market Information Council 
 December 2, 2019  Supporting Immigrants with Labour Market Information  Labour Market Information Council
 July 3, 2019  Together BC: British Columbia's Poverty Reduction Strategy  BC Government

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