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Fund Deadline & Government: What We Heard Report

July 28, 2023 11:21 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Late last week, the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills released its report What We Heard: Public Engagement on International Credential Recognition. It is the cumulation of a consultation endeavour that included input from ASPECT, many of our members, the clients they serve, and the larger sector related to international credential recognition that took place in the spring of this year. Here are the eight themes identified on page 5 of the report:

  • Theme 1: Streamlining complex processes and shortening timelines 
  • Theme 2: Improving the accessibility, consistency, and transparency of information about the licensure process and requirements
  • Theme 3: Exploring alternative pathways for credential recognition 
  • Theme 4: Exploring more flexible approaches to demonstrate language proficiency 
  • Theme 5: Introducing performance standards for data and reporting
  • Theme 6: Increasing financial and other supports for internationally trained professionals and regulatory authorities
  • Theme 7: Improving coordination between government and regulatory authorities at the provincial and federal levels
  • Theme 8: Strengthening collaboration between regulatory authorities, educational institutions, employers, and immigrant-serving organizations to support licensure and integration


I am delighted by this report as it supports the goals of the International Credential Recognition Fund, of which the call for proposals closes on Monday. 

With a grant from the fund, employment service providers in urban, rural and remote areas can test ideas touched upon in the themes above. The data on outcomes and approaches that ASPECT collects from grant recipients will give the Ministry some ideas on responding to current labour market needs. 

You are the experts on the ground, the ones who can see and work within the entire local labour market landscape, and you are connected to newcomers, employers, credentialling organizations, trainers, and community economic development corps in your communities. Now is your chance to expand existing programs, create new ones, or address a gap you've always wanted to fill. I look forward to seeing the proposals coming our way and championing what we all learn through our advocacy work. 

Janet Morris-Reade, CEO

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