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Focus Group Recruitment

July 21, 2021 3:10 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Thank you to everyone who responded to our online survey for our project, Competency of Career Development Practitioners for Virtual Services. We have now moved on to the next stage of research: focus group recruitment.

Each focus group session will take 60-90 minutes, meeting through zoom, and facilitated by our research team. Each session will have a maximum of 8 participants answering questions that have been approved through our ethics review. To see the questions that may be asked during the group sessions, please click here.

We are looking for people who deliver services to the following populations underrepresented in the workforce:
  • Immigrants & refugees
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Newcomers
  • Older workers 
  • Persons with disabilities 
  • People with essential skills gaps  
  • People without post-secondary education 
  • Racialized individuals 
  • Those fleeing domestic violence 
  • Those with mental health and/or addiction challenges
  • Veterans  
  • Women  
  • Youth
We are also looking for those who deliver services in the following environments:
  • Rural, remote and Indigenous communities
  • Those who did not transition to virtual services during the pandemic
  • Deliver services virtually to all populations

Participants will be asked to sign a participant and confidentiality form so that everything said during these sessions will be anonymous and confidential.  Participants may not participate in more than two focus groups so that we are able to collect a diversity of experiences.

Click on the links below to sign up. We will have a waiting list and if there is a demand, we will create as many focus groups as people willing to participate between July 27 - August 11. 


Date             Time         Focus Group Topic (Please click the link to register)

27-Jul         13:00        Youth
28-Jul         13:00        All Job Seekers
29-Jul         13:00        Youth Group #2
30-Jul         10:00        Rural, Remote & Indigenous Communities
30-Jul         13:00        Immigrant/Newcomer/Refugee
03-Aug       10:00        All Job Seekers Group #2
03-Aug       13:00        Indigenous Populations
04-Aug       10:00        Women & Those Fleeing Violence
04-Aug       13:00        Persons with Disabilities
05-Aug       10:00        Racialized Populations
05-Aug       13:00        Those Without Essential Skills or Post-Secondary Education
06-Aug       10:00        Older Workers
06-Aug       13:00        Mental Health &/or Addictions   
09-Aug       10:00        No Virtual Services

This is a community-based research project and I encourage those within the employment services sector to get involved. 

Janet Morris-Reade, CEO

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