Membership Application

  • Membership Types

    *Full membership fees differ depending on the size of your organization which is defined by the number of Full-Time Employees (FTEs) working in employment programs. For more information go to our "Join" page on this website.
  • Membership Information

    Some of the following questions are for organizations only. Please leave blank if the question does not apply to your type of application.
  • Please note that we invoice membership through email. Payment can be made online Quickbook payments.
  • At ASPECT we value respect and dignity for members and clients; honesty, openness, and accountability; commitment to community; and client-Centred service; and professional behaviour & actions. Our Code of Ethical Behaviour: explain and honour confidentiality; be congruent and consistent in words and actions; be accessible and treat clients equitably; commit to open, fair, and transparent processes.
    Once your application has been reviewed and approved, an invoice and a welcome package will be sent to the contacts provided.