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Advocates for Community-Based Training Agencies

25 years ago ASPECT formed to represent the community-based training agencies in British Columbia and ensure people who needed employability skills and career support would have local access to training.

ASPECT’s primary activity is representing community-based trainers by lobbying decision makers and policy designers on matters of concern to ASPECT members and to create opportunities for meaningful discussion.

Our members are leading experts in the delivery of career training programs to improve chances of employability and job retention for their clients. The focus has always been on making our communities sustainable by promoting the value of using local people who understand the market and can deliver the needed training and services.

A major component of support has been for ASPECT to manage province wide contracts so that smaller groups and agencies would be able to participate. Without ASPECT, multi-national organizations with experience with large-scale contract management might have destroyed the viability of community based trainers or used them to make profits that left the province.

All of the proposal writing, contract maintenance and budget management was carried out by ASPECT in order to give their members the work. A minimal fee was paid out from the contracts to manage the administrative processes and this was the primary source of income for ASPECT. Member fees were kept low and even the annual conference was managed with a break even goal.

We exist because members like you want to be heard. Keep your voice heard through active ASPECT membership.

ASPECT Benefits

Professional Development and Annual Conference

This years’ conference is set for November 8 & 9, 2018 at the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort in Victoria. Check out the Pro-D page for updates.

Advocacy on Your Behalf

When decision makers need relevant and informed advice on our sector – they look to ASPECT. And when ASPECT members need those same decision makers to include perspectives from the frontlines – they depend on ASPECT to be their voice.

Facts and Figures

ASPECT Board of Directors

  • John Dawson, President, MCC Community Enterprises
  • Minakshi Bagai, Sources Society
  • Megan Brown, AWARE Society
  • Annette Borrows, Delta Community Living Society
  • Robert Bryce, YMCA of Okanagan
  • Stacey Tyers, Terrace Community Services
  • Debbie Samsom, Back In Motion
  • Christine Willow, Chemistry Consulting Group
  • Doug Preston, Preston and Associates


$300 - $500 - $1000 - $100
/per year

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